The starting point for the Jean Hirtzel Project was an encounter, an encounter with an artistic research and with a creative expression that questions, calls to mind and seduces.
2000 Madeleine Hirtzel, the artist’s companion, meets Mélissa Schmidt.
2009 Starting the Project’s organization.
2010 Development of the Project’s goals and installation of the offices at the Espace Jean Hirtzel (Blonay, Switzerland).
From 2011 Organisation of exhibits for the Friends of the Jean Hirtzel Association.
Supervision of the creation of the website financed by the Friends of the Association.   
Improvement of existing structures for the reserves of the Espace Jean Hirtzel.
Maintenance of the work.
Management of the works of art on paper (cataloging and classification in the conservation records).
Management of the digital reproduction of the works of art on paper.
Overview of the creation of the future online catalogue.
Organisation of events (conferences by request).

Madeleine Hirtzel, the artist’s companion, has actively participated in showcasing the work throughout their life together. In 1999, following Jean Hirtzel’s death, she remains certain that the artistic encounter should not disappear with him and that despite the status of “artist’s widow”, which is at times a challenge, she decides not to give up.

Mélissa Schmidt met with Madeleine Hirtzel in 2000 and discovers through her the work of the artist. This is not only a meeting of artistic expression, but also of two women of different generations who will from then on share the common goal to allow the greatest number of people discover the work of Jean Hirtzel. The outline of the project slowly takes shape. Vague goals are transformed into more concrete ideas that culminate in actions.

Thus in 2009, they planned a timetable for all the necessary steps. The challenge they wish to tackle has its origin in their commitment. 

In September 2010, they developed the outline of the Jean Hirtzel Project and installed their offices at the Bains de l’Alliaz (Blonay, Switzerland).

Since then, they work on pursuing the objectives set by the Project’s guiding concept in collaboration with the Friends of the Jean Hirtzel Association.