The Partners of the Jean Hirtzel Project are persons who wish to put their skill set or network at the service of the Project. 

In order to clarify this, here are some non-exhaustive hypothetical examples :

  • The partner could organise events at the Espace Jean Hirtzel. He would allow his network to discover the work and to promote its exposure.
  • The partner could offer the services to the Jean Hirtzel Project or adapt the usual fees.
The Partner thus plays an active role in the mission that the Project has set.

Advantages for Partners are :

  • Mention of their name (unless wanted otherwise) in the communications regarding the Jean Hirtzel Project (press reports, invitations, website…)
  • Invitations to all activities organised by the Jean Hirtzel Project
  • Private visits of the Espace Jean Hirtzel (regular exhibits, sculpture park, commented consultation of selected works) by appointment
  • Personalised exhibitions
  • Invitations to special events, exclusively reserved for Partners and Friends of the Association
  • Advantages in cash or in artwork in case of benefits received because of the Partner’s involvement.